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November 2020

RMHL Newsletter Volume 1 | Issue 3

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

November/December at a Glance November 18 - November mom meet up @ 7:30 pm December 1 - RMHL Online Show and Share @1:00 pm on Zoom. Students share something they have learned this school year. ~ target age: 9-13 years old ~ aim for 5-7 minutes of presentation ~ could be a powerpoint presentation, model, talk about a topic, oral book report, tech show and tell, poster board etc ~anyone interested please contact Elaine: December 2 - RMHL Volunteering for Salvation Army Kettle Campaign @1:30 - 3:30pm. Registration required. Please email Leah at if you are interested in joining us. A Tim Horton's Treat will be provided for those that participate. I can't believe it's November! The days are getting shorter, the temperature is dropping and as we prepare for the final stretch of this year it becomes an ideal time for reflection. You may have experienced a profound and unbelievable shift or perhaps 2020 has given you the opportunity to slow down and take some time. I think I can say with complete certainty that we have all been touched by change in some way this year. I have tried to maintain a positive outlook throughout this experience knowing that we can get through anything and that the challenges we face can become the situations that help us grow together as families & communities. As I reflect, I feel drawn to focus a moment of compassion to all those that have lost; may it be jobs, family members, opportunities or hope. November is a month of remembrance and this year in particular that sentiment can not only apply to the loved ones we have lost in order to assure our freedom and way of life but also to remember that through the most difficult of circumstances we can emerge anew. November by Alice Cary The leaves are fading and falling, The winds are rough and wild, The birds have ceased their calling, But let me tell you, my child, Though day by day, as it closes, Doth darker and colder grow, The roots of the bright red roses Will keep alive in the snow. And when the Winter is over, The boughs will get new leaves, The quail come back to the clover, And the swallow back to the eaves. The robin will wear on his bosom A vest that is bright and new, And the loveliest wayside blossom Will shine with the sun and dew. The leaves to-day are whirling, The brooks are all dry and dumb, But let me tell you, my darling, The Spring will be sure to come. There must be rough, cold weather, And winds and rains so wild; Not all good things together Come to us here, my child. So, when some dear joy loses Its beauteous summer glow, Think how the roots of the roses Are kept alive in the snow. Our Community in Action! The Ninja Gym time has been a great success, thank you for sharing this photo! Threads Through Time Exhibit at The ACT in Maple Ridge in September/October that showcased some incredible talent. The exhibit was a collaborative collection of weavers from the Coast Salish tribes, multiethnic jacquard weavers and a muslim designer. The accompanying video can be viewed by clicking this image. The Pencil Patch is a community garden that is supported by the city of Abbotsford. It is a garden of learning agriculture practices and a place for classrooms to come out and grow their own gardens. A self guided tour took us through 14 stations as well as providing us with a work booklet to refer to throughout the tour. The patch was providing this to home learning/homeschooling families. It was a great introduction to agricultural and a great opportunity to get outside and learn. The Moms and Homelearners Forest Walk group managed to get out in nature several times in October. A huge thank you to Capri for organizing these amazing walks. A great way to get outside and enjoy this beautiful place that is our backyard. This photo is from the Lower Falls hike on October 5th. ~ photo courtesy of Capri This was the railway trail hike on October 13 where there was plenty of puddle jumping, mud playing and even some swimming. It was a beautiful fall day for a hike. ~ photo courtesy of Capri The kids were able to witness the spawning salmon on this amazing hike at Allco Park on October 19. What a cool experience. ~ photo courtesy of Capri The Final meeting of the RMHL book club took place after several weekly meetups and two novels completed! Photo and location courtesy of Jacqueline. Capri and myself took the kids out for some orienteering. I would love to get out with some more families and make this a regular occurance. Deep Roots Pumpkin patch and farm tour. The kids learned about farm fowl, bees and growing vegetables. A great family run farm. December Volunteer Opportunities: The RMHL group has a long history of volunteering and singing Christmas carols for the Salvation Army Kettle Campaign. If anyone is interested in participating please feel free to contact Leah at: Leah will be reaching out to them to confirm that they will be running it this year and find out times/days to book a time. This event has historically also involved going for hot chocolate afterwards. Ideas for Zoom workshops/tutorials in November/December ~ Is anyone interested in hosting a Remembrance Day themed art project, history lesson or workshop? ~ Gingerbread making tutorial for gingerbread houses or cookies. ~ Reusable Cloth Gift bag making tutorial ~ Night Before Christmas Storytime ~ Christmas themed art projects including paper mache snowman, paper snowflake garland or glitter slime ~ Recipe exchanges If you have any ideas or want to plan an event please feel free to reach out. Ideas for Christmas 'Get Together' In the past the RMHL group has hosted a potluck get together but with the current situation this is not a possibility this year. I wanted to put it out there to collectively get our hive mind thinking of any and all ideas that would be an alternative to our annual event. If you have any ideas please feel free to send them my way or reach out on the RMHL blog to share. It would be really nice to have some kind of celebration take place, even virtually! Contact me anytime Nicole Nieuwhof Email: Instagram:

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