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Who are we?

​RMHL is a 100% Volunteer run group of home learning families committed to building community together. We plan and organize local events, field trips and meet-ups throughout each school year for homeschool children and their families. 

RMHL started in 2010 by a mom looking to bring together the local homeschool community and RMHL has been enriching the lives of homeschool families in the area ever since. 

RMHL welcomes all home learning families which include Registered, IDL, DL and unschool learning. RMHL is not affiliated or connected to any school or learning group.  

What we do...

  • Field Trips

  • Nature Walks

  • Weekly Gym Time

  • Moms Meet Ups

  • Social Events 

    • Picnic

    • Christmas Social

    • Year End BBQ

  • Co Ops and Clubs

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Resource Page

  • Facebook Group

  • and More!

Kids Reading Book in Park


Who Runs RMHL?

We are 100% volunteer run . RMHL is a parent participation group where every family contributes to the success of each school year.  

What is Parent Participation?

We understand that homeschool life is busy. Parent Participation just means that each family will volunteer  2 hours of time throughout the year to help make RMHL a success. 

What does RMHL Cost?

Annual memberships are $30 per family. This money is essential to make RMHL run. It covers group insurance, website costs, equipment, social events, subsidized field trips and more. 

What grades are at RMHL?

We plan field trips and events for both elementary and high school students. 

I'm new to homeschool should I join?

What about siblings?

Siblings are a big part of home learning life. All RMHL planned social events are sibling friendly!   

Do I need to become a member to participate?

Yes! Becoming a member will give you access to everything RMHL has to offer. Also because of how our group insurance works we cannot have any non members attend our RMHL planned field trips or events. 

Absolutely! One of the best things about home learning is taking part in your homeschool community. RMHL has lots to offer to new and seasoned families looking to build community together. 

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