How this group got started...

When I first started homeschooling, I knew no one doing it. That was very isolating and I thought surely I am not the only one!! At my first DL I met a few women and we started meeting every Friday to do a variety of things.  As we met other people that homeschooled we just added them, thinking strength in numbers would be handy in trying to organize fieldtrips etc. The membership has grown to over 180 families through word of mouth and listings on sites like GVHL and Facebook pages. It is important to me to be as inclusive and understanding as possible to all methods of homeschooling and family dynamics. As the group has grown, a need developed to become more organized and delegate out activities. Offering a lot of different activities that interests different people has also helped to keep the community thriving. People are starting to organize their own events and lessons for us to promote and that is exciting to see.  There have been a few people from the beginning that have helped and that is a huge part of the success. We could always use more help so let us know if you would like to be a part of the happenings!  =)

Submitted by Co-Founder

Leah Pillet

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