About Us

We are a group of home learning families living in the Ridge Meadows area and beyond.  

Committed to connecting with one another, and enriching our children's lives and learning experiences, we plan and organize local events and meet-ups for the home learning community.

Diverse in our philosophies, religions and educational needs we hope to be inclusive to all, with the purpose of supporting one another on this walk called homeschooling =) 

Some of the things we do;

  • Fieldtrips
  • Co-ops
  • Social gatherings; Fall Fair, Christmas Dinner, Science Fair, Year End Wrap Up...
  • Moms Meet Ups
  • Weekly Gym Time
  • Resource Fair
  • And more !
  • Some events are offered for free while others have additional fees depending on the cost of the event.

The website offers a massive collection of resources to aid in your homeschooling journey;

  • Learning Resource links to websites, curriculum, teachers, clubs, inspirational articles and more.
  • Business directory that supports homeschooling families.
  • Postings on our blog to keep you up to date.
  • Community Calendar so you can see at a glance what is happening in the community.
  • Field trip ideas and help organizing them.
  • Newsletter
  • Parent Forum

If you'd like to contribute to the home learning community in the Ridge Meadows area, and partake in the many awesome events we organize, please consider becoming a member.

All the best in your life learning adventures!

Ridge Meadows Home Learners